Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why You Like Rabbits?

Assalamualaikum wbt

People who haven't own a rabbit often ask those who do if a rabbit would make a wonderful pet, and if so, do  they look more like cats or dogs. I found it's hard to answer this question not only to make a comparison between those pets, but the nature of the question themselves makes me feel uncomfortable.

Naturally most people perceive that any animal should be a good pet if she shows affection the way we want it to be. For example, coming when called, fetch a thing, chase a string, or make a vocal sound. People usually seem fairly sure that these qualities can't be expected in rabbit, hence they would not make a good pet. Such assumptions take away the responsibility for the relationship from  the human being and place solely on the animal. Although the rabbit is expected to comply with human expectations, too often human being never consider complying with her. 

What they look like?

Do they look more like cats or dogs? Instead of answering the question I rather asking them a question. Are people more like gorilla or monkey? Rabbits are rabbits, the only way you want to know them better is by live with them. They share the same characteristics of cats, and sometimes dogs. But mostly they're like rabbits and the true joy of keeping them is learning of what they're like as a rabbit. 

Maybe the phrase of rabbit as wonderful, exciting, and intelligent creatures only works with people who understand the value of companionship from a creatures name rabbit!


Unamn said...

whi do i love rabbit?
sebab dia tak bising macm kucing

Zombie said...

Reading Rabbit! :D

tigey said...

aaa what ?

I like rabbits cuz they are so cute and cuddly

SyazwaniSakura (^_^) said...

rabbit ader rupa cam kucing ngan anjing ke?
muka dorg tak sama kott.

honkhonkpt said...

I think rabbits make good pets! They're kind of a pain to clean up after, but that's just part of the job, I suppose.

Suciô Sanchez said...

Another baaawww picture.

Billy said...

I've known several friends to have rabbits over the years. They definitely seem self reliant. Not a pet for needy people, that's for sure.

CIK TOM said...

cik tom suka arnab sbb dia comel+manja :)

poorfags said...


Sam said...

Think people like rabbits because of their cuteness

Qib said...

i used to own rabbits.
kaler putih mate merah la paling comel
tp sebab kelantan sallu ujan, mati sekor3


Gaduh MANJA! | How much do u LOVE me? | First Two Wheels Moment

Afzainizam said...

buat pembaca blog kami

aku suka gak kat rabbit dulu aku mmg ade bela lebih kurang 24 ekor tak tahan nak bagi makan ....

nampaknya mmg ko begitu fanatik ngan rabit yeee

Unknown said...

sbb die comel dan berbulu...hahaha cam kuceng..

Anonymous said...

There are many reasons why rabbits are my favorite pets. My rabbits are newzeeland whites and reds so they are big and fluffy, very intelligent, social, easy going and funny. I love to play with them - we chase each other or I give them all kinds of toys that stimulates their curiosity and intelligence. We eat together yummy fruits and greens - I like the way they jump and climb on me trying to reach that pieces of strawberry from my hand. We cuddle and sleep together on the floor - it's so relaxing to sleep next to a rabbit. I always fall into a deep sleep and I joke saying that rabbits are my sleeping pills :). I like the smell of their fur, a fresh and sweet fragrance of hay. And their enthusiast greeting when I enter the room. There are so many things that often make me feel like I'm in paradise when I am with them, as long they are healthy and happy. I just love them to pieces.

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