Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rabbit's Food Pyramid

Assalamualaikum wbt

Ever heard of 'You're what you eat'? Well that goes the same on rabbit, they're what they eat. It's a common belief that the only things rabbit eat is pellets. Where does this myth came from? People give rabbits  pellets because it's cheap, ease of feeding and rapid weight gain for the sake of livestock market, where rabbits are raised only for their meat or fur. 

The fact is feeding a rabbit with pellet for the whole of their lives only contribute to obesity, chronic soft stools, overproduction of waste, urine sludge, and other calcium related health issues. It's not their choice to eat what they want, instead the owner is responsible to give them a healthy diet which leads to healthy life. If rabbits can talk I'm sure they'll say "Boss, I need something else to eat, not just pellets." or worse "Give me other food or else I'll run away from this house!"

The food pyramid for rabbit goes like this.

They need a lot of hay for their digestive system, and the least for treats.

For human, this is our food pyramid. It's an excellent tool to help you make a healthy food choices. 

P.S. I'm still figuring on how to increase a body weight. My friends were shocked to see me become thinner after 5 months didn't met. Well I don't know which side I'm thin because my body weight is still maintain since I left the university, which is 56 kg and height 1.76. I'm underweight! Actually I don't really care about it. Become thin means you can eat what you want. 


erics said...

i can only dream to eat whatever i like.

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

I'd eat nasi lemak every meal if I lived in Malaysia. (Ok, rendang and lahksa -not penang - as well)

Admin said...

tibe2 ase nk mkan
big apple la plak..

Afzainizam said...

buat pembaca blog kami
Kami Kembali lagi... Maaf atas lama tak ziarah... Sorry bebanyak agak ketinggalan lah banyak entry kamu... coz banyak hal sibuk ngan bagai-bagai urusan lah... Sorry...
maaf bebanyak dahhhhh......

wooooo nasib baik rabbit tak makan big mac donald's kalau tak habisss le gaji aku

Max said...

Rabbits are expensive things to care for with such a diverse diet.

poorfags said...

Happy Christmas!

honkhonkpt said...

I'm glad that I'm skinny! I can eat what I want :)

DuchessofYanks said...

Love this article! I think its a really good food pyramid for bunnies :) I was told not to give alfalfa to my rabbit because it can cause urine crystals. I just feed my bunny timothy hay and all that stuff on the chart.

DuchessofYanks said...

Oh! haha I forgot to leave this comment: I'm not a vegan but vegetarian, but I still love this vegan pyramid. I've lost a TON of weight too! I'm still struggling to figure out how to gain weight, but everyone says I just need to eat more cos I dont eat very much. But its true! We can eat whatever we want because we're skinny! XD

Unknown said...

camner kalo rabbit 2 cakap" boss, plez give me pizza n kentuki"haha

kamu x kawen lg kan? mana nk tau lepas kawen badan maken lebar..hehe

Usagi said...

All the comments make me smile, thanks :)

erics-then I hope your dream will become a reality

sucio-do you really like nasi lemak, rendang and laksa? your cholesterol will skyrocket if you eat these foods everyday

ahsfantasy24-erm big apple tue ada apa? tak penah pegi lagi coz xdak sapa penah ajak

Usagi said...

afzainizam-uuhh..jgn la minta maaf mcm tue, buat sy rasa serba salah pulak. rabbit mmg xmkn, tp tuan dia nie baru je bantai big mac td (dlm usaha utk menggemukkn bdn)

max-yes, it can get somewhat expensive if you really care about them

poorfags-happy Christmas to you (I don't celebrate it)

Usagi said...

honkhonkpt-i'm totally agree with you dude

duchessofyanks-thanks. but i don't know that alfalfa can cause urine crystals. i only know that adult rabbit should be fed with timothy and young rabbit alfalfa.

i'm 100% agree with you, but you know what i hate most being skinny? my friends' joke-you'll be blown away if the wind is strong

Usagi said...

azana-kalo rabbit ckp mcm tuh,on the spot sy bawak dia p makan:)

ramai yg ckp mcm tue, tp xtaw la bole pakai ke x idea tue. kena cari istri yg pandai masak la kalo nak tmbah berat badan nnt (xmau gmuk,bg berisi pun kira ok)

Anati Soki said...

rabbit is special they got their own balance diet :)

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

I'd die happy.

Classically Trained Nub said...

If you want to gain weight, get married. I gained 70 pounds in record time.

Monster Madness said...

Haha, that's a nice food pyramid! ^^

Usagi said...

anat- only a special rabbit with a wonderful owner will have this food pyramid

sucio-you're really good making a joke, you make me smile:)

Usagi said...

classically trained nub- that's surprise, i guess it's true when people said, man will become fat after marry. it's a long way to go

monster madness- I make it big, so everyone could see it

Admin said...

big apple tu tmpat
jual donat.. sedap..


Qib said...

bgus woo kurus.
xsah pkir3 nak jd gemok x payah sekali3., hehe

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