Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fine $3000 for Mistreating Rabbit

Assalamualaikum wbt

A Man admits mistreating rabbits was fined $3,000 in Edmonton court. Well I guess that was a worth action for abusing small animals. Personally I hate people who treat any animal in bad manner. All pet owner should know their obligation once they've keeping a pet. Even a small hamster is not an easy thing to take care off.

EDMONTON — William Lavery may have considered his pet rabbits his “babies,” but when animal protection officers found them in an abandoned bus last year, the animals were sickly, injured, malnourished and soaked in urine and feces. Four were dead.

“It’s not a case of wrongdoing, but it is a case of letting it get out of hand,” Lavery’s lawyer, Doug Vigen, told an Edmonton court Wednesday. Lavery pleaded guilty to causing an animal to be in distress and was fined $3,000. The animals were discovered by a photographer and models doing a photo shoot in the area around 9620 27th Ave. on Nov. 10, 2009. The group approached the bus after smelling a foul odor.

Crown prosecutor Christian Lim painted a grim picture of the scene inside the cold, dark bus. Lim said the rabbits were caked with feces and soaked in urine, and some appeared malnourished. Some had bite marks on them and some were missing their testicles or penises. Many of the animals had contagious infections and urine burns, Lim said.

Owww's totally awful!

Of the 41 live rabbits taken from the bus by animal protection officers, 26 were euthanized. The rest were treated for health problems and placed for adoption at the Edmonton Humane Society. Both the defence and Crown characterized the case Wednesday as a situation that began with good intentions.

These rabbits were placed in women toilet..... guess what they saw....?

There're too many pictures of animal abusing if you google it. Those pictures are more horrifying and pathetic than any other pictures I've ever seen. 
Say NO to animal abusing!


The Champ said...

ugh, that's terrible. Animal abusers are really scummy people.

Jennifer Hillier said...

I have zero tolerance for people who abuse animals. It takes a certain level of scumbag, that's for sure.

Unamn said...

eeeeeeeeeuuuwwww kat toilet.. animal pun ade hak dapat tempat yang bersih

Anati Soki said...

alahai.. ciannye rabit tuh.. kalau nk bela pun. bela la elok2.. jaga elok2.. kalau nk taknk jaga elok2.. baik tak payah bela.. haaaish.. takde hati prot lngsung

CIK TOM said...

kesiannya rabbit tue...kl kira denda tue xberbaloi dgn pe yg diorg buat..

Admin said...

cean ny kt rabit tu..

tigey said...

Hate these animal abusers so much

Unknown said...

buat naya kt menatang je...cian rabit 2...:(

k said...

that is awful and sad. :(

Anonymous said...

I hate abusers of any kind. I worked at a shelter as a volunteer I have seen the most horredous things.

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

The worst abusers are often animal lovers who let things "get out of hand".

MikeyB said...

that pisses me off. fuck that, should be fined more

Billy said...

It amazes me how things like this can get out of hand so easily.

Qib said...

haha.. pdang mukeerr..
kucing pun slalu kena treat in a very wrong wayyyy LOL
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