Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rabbit in the Moon

Assalamualaikum wbt

They said that the western world see the man in the moon, but in the eastern world they see a rabbit in the moon. Stories on how this begin go back thousand of years ago. There're many legends about the rabbit in the moon but the most common one goes something like this. 

A rabbit, monkey, fox and otter were friends. One day the Buddha came along disguised himself as a hermit begging for alms. The otter took off into the water and brought the hermit some fish. The fox was able to find some milk-curd to give to the hermit. While the monkey climbed a tree and retrieved some fruit and gave it to hermit.

Unfortunately, the rabbit had nothing to give except some grass which the hermit could not eat, so he threw himself in the fire to become a meal for alms beggar. Immediately the Buddha revealed himself  and saved the rabbit from the flames. He then rewarded the rabbit by drawing his picture in the moon.

The truth is I've never seen one, maybe because I always see the moon like this


ILA HonEyBuNNy said...

ohh rabbit....

Zombie said...

I always used to think that there was a rabbit on the moon! Thanks for proving it for me! :D

CIK TOM said...

nice story..baiknye arnab..cik tom pun xpernah nmpk bntk arnab kt bulan..hihi

Taz Jaafar said...

serius? tak nampak pun dekat gambar bulan yang kecil tuuu.

honkhonkpt said...

Hah, never noticed that. I could never see the man on the moon. This is more recognizable to me!

Moogz said...

nice story wa alaikum salam

Sam said...

Hehe i think you really love them rabbits and the moon loves them too

Seion said...

That's quite a tale, but I must admit I've never seen a shape like that on the moon either.

Anonymous said...

Ohh there's a big rabbit in the sky? Cool!!

Afzainizam said...

Tahun Baru Cina 2011 depan ni merupakan tahun arnab di kalender Cina. kalau nak tau
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Monster Madness said...

Cannot be unseen! Haha, reminds me a little about my last post ^^

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

Muad Dib!

Linda Musa said...

so sweet...i will look at moon tonite and try to imagine the rabbit on it :)

Billy said...

OMG I've heard of this! I think a rabbit is easier to see than any "man in the moon." Thanks for posting!

Unknown said...

nice story... lepas ni kalo ada bulan purnama 2 nk p intai la... kot2 nampak arnab 2..keh keh

Anonymous said...

i've saw one, about two or three weeks ago..but it's a rabbit standing up

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