Thursday, December 9, 2010

Do You Know?

Assalamualaikum wbt

Do you know that......

Keeping a rabbit as a pet is currently illegal in Queensland under the Land Protection Act 2002. 

If you watch any buck rabbit circling around making a strange droning noise, it shows that he's trying to find a mate.

People who suffer rabbit syndrome is characterized by involuntary, fine and rhythmic motions of the mouth along a vertical plane, without any involvement of the tongue.

People who allergic to rabbit is not because of the fur, it's the protein in rabbit's saliva or dander (skin cells) that makes people sneeze.

If a rabbit play dead, by lying on its back with its leg stretched out, it's a sign of content rabbit.

 If a rabbit suddenly 'punch' you with her front paws when you approach them, she's telling you to get away.


Jude said...

Haha, I love the involuntary motions of the mouth, and the picture with it is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was really trying to shake my hand when it was trying to paw at me. my friends rabbit is too sensitive i guess.

The Messy Apron said...

Wow I had no idea about this info on rabbits. Very interesting!

Das Auto! said...

interesting facts, i didn't know most of these, like the dander-allergy link.. or how to tell if a rabbit is content

Sam said...

The rabbit in the first pic looks like a dog.

Didn't know rabbits had those tells about, it's cute

hamzah ian said...

gua takut arnab

Anonymous said...

Oh, so cute!

Seion said...

Is it the same for people allergic to cats or dogs too?

Usagi said...

most probably, yes. however,people that allergic to cats or dogs doesn't mean they're allergic to rabbit:)

Suciô Sanchez said...

Now I speak rabbit. thank you.

k said...

i wonder what a person with random syndrome actually looks like?!

MikeyB said...

hah, im with krystal

Mike Litoris said...

great background!

Monster Madness said...

Rabbits are cute little critters.

CIK TOM said...

wah xde rupanya..termasuk haiwan terlindung ek??huhu..

Rowena Zainuddin said...

i like to see rabbits..
but i never have the intention of keeping them..
i don't know why..

Miss b said...

rabbit cute!

The Game Store Guy said...

I knew about the dander but the protein in the rabbit's saliva is a new one. O_o

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