Thursday, December 2, 2010

Exercise Your Rabbit's Eye

Assalamualaikum wbt

In the wild, animals develop an amazing coat color blend with the surrounding area-camouflage. Each picture shows different kind of animals use their color to camouflage whether to catch prey or avoid from predator. IF your eyes are sharp enough, you can easily find them.

Did you found all the animals in the pictures? Maybe it's easy to spot the animals in the pictures. But if you're there, I bet you don't even notice where the animals could be.


Pawawanpi said...

Oh wow. Such interesting pictures. I'm going to watch you.

Omi said...

I found most of them, :D

Usagi said...

great! looks like you've a sharp eyes

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

Great collection of photos. Thank you.

P.S. my Captcha is "satay-la". Very Malaysian.

poorfags said...

Most of them were a breeze, but a few of them I couldn't even find.

MikeyB said...

man I couldnt see anything in some of them. That one reddish orange one especially...I literally see nothing.

Anonymous said...

Some of those are very well camouflaged, I found them all though!

Seion said...

Boy, it's tough to quickly spot some of them.

Qib said...

hehe.. gebus nyerr. comelll comell..

Baby untuk dibeli!
Kita dan BABI!

CIK TOM said...

nice collection of pic..suka tgk!

p/s; seminggu cik tom offline..skang sesi balas jejak entry&komen!

erica said...

i couldnt find some of them. especially that orange-ish one. are you sure there's an animal in there?! ha

Usagi said...

of course, you can see a pair of eyes disguise in the sand:)

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