Thursday, March 31, 2011

Arabic Dish at Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Perak

Assalamualaikum wbt

Anybody study in UTP? or live around Tronoh, Perak? Well if you happen to live there, you MUST pay a visit to 1001 NIGHTS RESTAURANT (not really a restaurant but rather a kiosk). My sister run this kiosk with her friends and she invites us to go there and try the dish. Guess what? It's very delicious and tasty, and it becomes even tastier when we don't need to pay for the food :icondignitylaughplz:.

I ate so much and by that time I felt that I would vomit if there's any food appear before my eyes. I'm very sure that there's no empty space in my stomach, not even for the smallest food. Still there's a lot of food left on the table. Goshhh...what a pain! :iconimdeadplz:

Now, when hungry, I'm regret because I don't eat the foods until my stomach burst out......

 This is the kiosk looks like, not a very big place though but I guarantee it's big enough to fill up all empty space in your cute stomach. 

And these are some of the Arabic foods there....

Cheese with some macaroni....I don't really know their name, anyone can help identify these foods' names?

Meat ball....

Macaroni with cheese



And this is the proud chef, imported straight from Arab mainland. What so special about him? He is adept in cooking Arabic food and all foods was prepared by himself in a short time and of course taste very....very delicioussss.....nyum...nyum... 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sleeping Sugar Glider- Miss Lulu

Assalamualaikum wbt

Guess what animal sleep at day and active at night (nocturnal animal)? Hint: looks like a squirrel, small, furry and has a long tail.....and cute......and charm......and fluffy........and kawaii.......and..... to sleep

Ok....I'm sure everyone knows the answer.

These are daily life pictures of my sugar glider (during the day).
Sleep (in the pouch)

Sleep (on the chair)

Sleep (in my blanket)

Sleep (on my shirt)

Sleep (on the chair)

Sleep (in my hand)

Hmmmm....there's something in here

Nooooo......she again, sleeping on my bed!

Now, it's time for me to go to sleep!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Beauty of Nature

Assalamualaikum wbt

I like nature very much. Whenever I saw a beautiful scene I will stop and try to be a part of nature by feeling the air and enjoy the great scene. It feels so great and for a couple of minutes I can feel that all my problems disappear and my mind become clear. It's the beauty of nature that stunned me!

The beauty of Sakura tree in Malaysia! 

Sometimes beautiful scenery exist everywhere but in a limited time. This pictures were taken at the backyard of my house. I really enjoy watching the dusk when the sun start to fall down and the color of sky start to change. Sometimes the sky looks blue, sometimes white, sometimes red and sometimes gold. My favorite is gold!

One of my favorite place is at the beach. This place is always breeze during evening and at the same time carry your problems away from your mind. It's a state of tranquility that made me remember most of being at the beach.  

Watching animals behave and live with animals are part of my life. Animals are honest, they behave and act naturally. They're not pretending to be good or bad in front of people, they are who they are.

~Flying koi in the sky~

The beauty of nature makes me happy. How about you? What makes you happy?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Real Furby!

Assalamualaikum wbt

I saw a real furby yesterday!

This is a toy Furby.....

and this is a REAL FURBY. So cute!!!

Which one do you choose? The furry or the smiley?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rabbit Disease: Snuffles

Assalamualaikum wbt

Snuffles is a respiratory tract problem which is similar to the common cold in man. This disease is highly contagious and can become worse if left untreated. My first rabbit, Aoi, died because of this disease. At first I did some research about rabbit snuffles when I notice Aoi had a runny nose. Then I came across of one rabbit owner that said his rabbit also had a snuffle. He just isolate the infected rabbit, place it in warm place and soon the rabbit will recover itself.  

Well I try to follow his advice but I noticed that Aoi's condition is worsening from day to day. At last I decided to bring Aoi to vet since I saw her become hard to breath. From snuffles it leads to pneumonia which made Aoi gasping for air. But I'm too late! That evening when I'm just about to take Aoi to the vet, I saw her lying breathless in the cage. She's dead. I kept blaming myself for her death. If I take her to the vet early she would be alive and never end her life in such a terrible condition. It's such a painful lesson to me. 

What is the cause?
It can be caused by different factors but the most common one is infection with the bacteria Pasteurella multocida. There're different strain of this gram negative bacteria and depend on the strain the signs can be either mild to severe. Rabbits can be easily infected by this bacteria when they're stressed or has suppressed immune system. 

What are the signs of snuffles ?
The infected rabbit will develop a watery discharge followed by sneezing and then thick whitish to yellowish nasal discharge. In some severe cases the rabbit will develop pneumonia or bacteremia (a bacteria enter the bloodstream). 

How to treat?
Bring the rabbit to the vet is the best you can do. Usually the treatment is by giving the infected rabbit an antibiotics for 14-30 days. If the infection goes for days or weeks without treatment, this disease will become chronic and very difficult to eliminate. 

How to prevent?
Before buying a rabbit, ensure that the rabbit is free from any infection, especially runny nose. Observe all rabbits on location and make sure snuffles is not present. However, a healthy appearance rabbit can also develop signs of sickness later on if she's stressed. 

Reducing stress is crucial to prevent a rabbit become infected. Common causes of stress in rabbits are:
-improper housing
-long journey
-chill condition
-improper diet
-aggression from other rabbits

Rabbit owner should be aware of the signs of this disease and seek veterinary attention at the first sign of illness.

Beware, I'm watching you!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Journey to the North

Assalamualaikum wbt

Perlis lies at the northern part of the west coast of peninsular Malaysia. Compare to other states, Perlis is the smallest state in Malaysia. At first I don't really sure any attractive places that we can visit there. I'd study in Perlis for three years and I know nothing about this state. The only thing that I remember is its long hot weather season (where I constantly seek for air conditioner room which include my lecturer's room, gossiping and listening to music rather than and the rainy season which make me shivering all the day especially when I woke up in the morning. One thing more, Perlis is also popular with 'Harum Manis', a mango that has a sweet taste and damn expensive price. 

The first place we go is Padang Besar, heaven for shoppers. This place has a lot of cheap goods sold in the market. I believe the actual price of most items here is cheaper than the seller try to sell, thus anyone who's good at bargaining the price will get the lowest price the sellers could offer. I swear this is the best place to anyone who brings a lot of money but for sure this is the worst and boring place for people who has no intention of buying anything. Most of merchants here come from Thailand and they speak in Kelantan dialect. I think they ate a lot of budu in the past LOL.

In front of outfit shop.

Next we go to Gua Kelam, the habitat place for Zubat and other cave dwelling pokemon. Sadly the area of Gua Kelam is being renovate, maybe because of the destruction by the great flood in Perlis last November. So we just fooling around the area, taking some pictures and headed to other place in frustrated mood.

Prove we're here!

Found a new pokemon-Meow

Half century tree

The last pit stop is among the popular place for couple hanging out and eating 'cucuk-cucuk'. It's situated several km from Kuala Perlis terminal ferry. I only know this place exist and what is 'cucuk2' taste like. 

People in Perlis called this as 'cucuk'cucuk'. What a weird name....

In front of the stall is a beach. We had a pleasant evening while eating cucuk2 at the beach (actually it's sunny day during the time we got there)

15th February 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rabbit 101 Part 4

Assalamualaikum wbt

Siberian Rabbit
It is a very graceful rabbit with an attractive coat, coloured black, blue, brown or lilac. The siberian was first bred in the UK around 1930 but its ancestral is unknown. They're bred mainly for its nice fur and also as a pet. 

Silver Fox
The Silver Fox's fur is coarser than the fur of other rabbits, one and half to two inches long, and when stroked from tail to head, the fur stands up. It has an unusual unique coat. This combined with the length and coarseness of the fur resembles the fur of the Arctic Silver Fox for which the Silver Fox rabbit is named.

The color marking of the Tan are reminiscent of a Doberman pinscher, especially the black and chocolate varieties. The undersides of this rabbit, which include the tail, stomach, chin, and ears, are colored in "tan" fur (almost more of a bright orange). The rest of the rabbit is colored in black, blue, chocolate, or lilac. They are very energetic rabbits.

Jerry Woody
Originated from Thailand. It's a crossbreed from local rabbit in Thailand and English angora. The purpose of this breed is to enhance the short fur of local rabbit and make it become more fluffy and attractive.

Teddy Bear
Originated from Thailand. It's a hybrid from Jerry Woody and other hairy breed. Teddy bear rabbit is very popular in Thailand and Malaysia not only because of its attractive coat color and long hair, but also because of its price that's affordable (the price in Thailand is far more cheaper than Malaysia, hence it's affordable). 

Woody Toy
Also from Tailand. It's developed from Teddy bear rabbit but Woody Toy is smaller in size compare to Teddy bear because of dwarf gene (come from Netherland dwarf's gene).Its appearance is similar to Teddy bear in term of their long fur, only their ears is shorter and bodyweight is lighter. 

P/S. All these three breeds (jerry woody, teddy bear, woody toy) is not in the list of ARBA (american rabbit association) and only popular in Thailand and Malaysia. So you'll never found this rabbit in other country. Their names also is not very popular in google compare to other breed. But for sure they're very cute and fluffy! 
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