Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rabbits Pros and Cons

Assalamualaikum wbt

Every pet we keep either cat, dog, mouse, rabbit or bird has their own advantages and disadvantages. Through  the experience of keeping a rabbit, I came up with several good and bad things of keeping a bunny.

Doing cute

Rabbit as pet-Pros

-Bunnies are quite, interesting and tame. They're less disturbing compare to cat.
-Bunnies like to play and they'll form a close relationship once you've establish a bond with them.
-Whenever you watch a rabbit's behavior, you'll fall in love with her.
-It's always entertaining watching a rabbit whether individually or in a group.
-You can teach a rabbit doing a trick, even the more feasible-toilet training.
-Rabbit don't really make a noise unless she's scared.
-Rabbit's waste is a good fertilizer. If you like planting, then your rabbit's waste is not really a waste:)
-Bunny don't eat meat (is't consider as an advantage?)

Rabbits as pet- Cons

-Like any other pet, rabbit needs a vet. Going to vet means your $$$$ fly away.
-Bunny likes to explore new surrounding. If you let go your bunny in the open area, chances of your bunny to come back is 50/50
-Indoor rabbit will chew wires and other stuff in the house. It's because rabbit's teeth will constantly grow and only by chewing could trim it off.
- Compare to rabbit's feces, its urine is more stinky. ( there any waste don't smell stinky?)

Ohohoho.....i believe i can play the piano


Zombie said...

I think my head is going to explode from all this cuteness going on!

honkhonkpt said...

Cleaning after a rabbit is really a pain in the butt. Soooo smelly.

Unamn said...

omg.. gila awesome..yg una tahu rabbit ni sejenis haiwan yg kuat berlari.. kalau dia dh nkla sgt jgn harap dpt kejar ;)

Sam said...

the sticky part seems pretty bad to have in an indoor space :P

Didn't know it was sticky

Lewis said...

o they are so cute i love rabbits :)

CIK TOM said...

cik tom suka arnab sebab manja...hrp suatu hari nati boleh cik tom ade resdung..agak alergik pada ade chances x nak bela??

The Messy Apron said...


Suci├┤ Sanchez said...

That first picture is outrageously cute.

Seion said...

Non-meat based food means the food is much cheaper than feeding a cat or dog too.

Jude said...

These are great - and I especially love that first photo!

Rowena Zainuddin said...

stinky bunny..
but still adorable..:P

tigey said...

Then it is rabbits for me, no more dogs

Unknown said...

One of the truly best blog..

Baca 3-4 entry lepas tu mesti jadi ketagih!

i m not brader ni memang awesome!

Sharing is caring!,
Kalau best..sebar pada kawan kawan ya!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Very good lists. They only thing I find hard about keeping bunnies is the vet bills. Everything else is easy, even the smelly part. ;)
xx, shell

Admin said...

kte ad cuba bela arnab thun lpas,
tp tnggal sekor da, mkwe die mati..

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