Monday, December 27, 2010

Animal Pictures Pt 2

Assalamualaikum wbt

When I sit alone I remember some of my friends that were teased by animals name, such as mole because he has a teeth that looks like a mole, Shiro (the name of Shin Chan's dog which literally means white in Japanese) because his skin is white and hippo because he is fat.

I don't know who start calling it first, but those names become their nick name for the whole 6 semesters in university, and sometimes I don't really remember their true name. However they don't get mad, it's just a joke at first and they accept the nickname gradually. Sometimes I also see an animals characteristics in people around me. When I see a girl with too much makeup it reminds me of peacock. When I see someone who is so stubborn, it reminds me a mules. 

Roy Feinson said that the fundamental aspects of animal personalities can be summarized with the four Fs: 
Feeding, Fighting, Fleeing and Sex.

Feeding techniques translate into the career that its corresponding human personality would choose. Bird personalities, for example, prefer jobs that provide a great deal of freedom, while sheep personalities flourish under the direction of a strong dog personality. Bear personas have a need to maintain control of their environment and chafe under the direction of a boss. 

Fighting is equivalent to the way in which a person controls his or her environment. Carnivorous personalities are assertive and adventurous, while herbivorous personalities tend to be passive and cautious. 

Fleeing is how people protect themselves from each other. Herd animal personalities find refuge in the company of friends and family, while a mouse personality keeps a low profile to avoid danger. 

Sex describes the ways we interact with the opposite sex. From the brutal strength display of the wild elk to the seductive display of the peacock, all creatures exert control over their reproductive choices. Some animal species are monogamous while others have a variety of mates. An animal's mating habits translate directly into the way that people conduct their sexual relationships. Beaver personalities mate for life, while tiger personalities are solitary and rarely monogamous.

Arabian Horse

Somali Cat

Crown Pigeon

Baby Penguin

Maine Coon


African Serval Cat

"I often dream I'm an elephant. Is this because I am really an elephant, or is it because when I was young, I saw an elephant and it made an impression on me?"
"Perhaps you really are an elephant."
        - Dr. English and Lazarus, "Mr. Stitch"


Unknown said...

oh.bile make up tebal nampak cam peacock.hehe kalo garang mesti org cakap cam singa kan. kalo nakal cam monyet.hehehe

Tonio said...

Love it, but were are the bunnies in here!!
haha kidding.

Admin said...

kucing tu comel sgt..

Anonymous said...

I would be a mouse then, as I like to hide.
Thanks for the nice animal pictures! They make good reference.

Anati Soki said...

animals are a very unique living creature :)

level85nerd said...

love the peacock!

Max said...

The Somali Cat is so, so ugly

Monster Madness said...

Really nice animal pictures :)

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

Very interesting analysis.

Classically Trained Nub said...

Peacocks are always so fascinating. Good pics!

Sam said...

The Arabian horse is great but i wouldn't wanna ride it, think it's dangerous

Qib said...

peacock lawa giler campoq kucing tu
kalau dpat buat pet kan baguih

Mr. Swift said...

Hye singgah sini dan polo anda!
Nanti free jemput lah ke blog saya pula. :p

HOT! Rahsia Dan Tips Menjadi Blogger Masyhur/Terkenal Seperti HANIS ZALIKHA.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pix!

kwile said...

That was very intriguing. Thank you for that. Followed.

Billy said...

awesome post, once again.

Anonymous said...

thats no arabian horse ...just sayin

Alex said...

Yeah, that is no arabian horse. It's a friesian horse.

Anonymous said...

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