Friday, February 25, 2011

Konayuki (snow powder) 1 Liter of Tears, Japanese Drama

Assalamualaikum wbt

This is one of my favorite japanese songs that I listen over and over again, and some part of the drama is kinda sad. It's based on the true story of one japanese girl that has some kind of weird disease which made her become paralyzed and soon die because no medication can treat her. I don't really remember that story because I just enjoying this song, a theme song for the drama.

I know you don't understand the song, me neither. So here's the translation

konayuki mau kisetsu wa itsumo surechigai
hitogomi ni magiretemo onaji sora miteru noni
kaze ni fukarete nitayou ni kogoeru noni

Season of snow powder always come
Although we are mixed up with a mass of people
we are looking on the same sky
Blown by the wind, and we are chilled by it

boku wa kimi no subete nado shittewa inai darou
soredemo ichiokunin kara kimi wo mitsuketayo
konkyo wa naikedo honki de omotterunda

I may not know everything about you
Nevertheless, I've found you among 100 million of people
There's no proof but I'm very serious of it

sasai na iiai mo nakute onaji jikan wo ikitenado ikenai
sunao ni narenai nara yorokobi mo kanashimi mo munashiidake

It's impossible to live in the same time with no single quarrel
If we can't be honest, happiness and sadness are just meaningless

konayuki nee kokoro made shiroku somerareta nara
futari no kodoku wo wakeau koto ga dekitano kai?

If the snow powder may whiten deep to our heart
Could we both share our loneliness?

boku wa kimi no kokoro ni mimi wo oshiatete
sono koe no suru hou e sutto fukaku made
orite yukitai soko de mou ichido aou

I would press my ear near to your heart
And go down deep into the place where I
hear that voice and meet you once again

wakari aitai nante uwabe
wo nadeteita nowa boku no hou
kimi no kajikanda te mo nigiri
shimeru koto dakede tsunagatteitanoni

We want to understand each other
It's me who softly brush the surface
Just by tightly gripping your numb and cold hand 
We are tied to each other

konayuki nee eien wo mae ni amarini moroku
zaratsuku asufaruto no ue shimi ni natte yukuyo

Snow powder is too fragile
In front of us, keep on leaving stains on the rough asphalt forever

konayuki nee toki ni tayori naku kokoro wa yureru
soredemo boku wa kimi no koto mamori tsuzuketai

Snow powder doesnot rely on time, moving our heart
Nevertheless, I'd still like to keep on protecting you

konayuki nee kokoro made shiroku somerareta nara
futari no kodoku wo tsutsunde sora ni kaesu kara

If the snow powder may whiten deep to our heart
It will cover both our loneliness and return it to the sky... 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rabbit Poop?

Assalamualaikum wbt

For those who own a bunny must deals with their poops everyday. A single mature rabbit can produce a lot of poops, especially the large breed, e.g. flemish giant, new zealand, checkered giant etc. They eat a lot and of course make a lot of waste. 

The best part of rabbit manure is that it's not as stinky as cat and dog's. Virtually, dry rabbit manure is odorless unless it's wet or soak by the urine. Since rabbit's diet is only on vegetation and don't eat meat, the smelly bacteria that dissolve meat is not there. Instead, rabbit waste is a good source of nutrient and phosphorus, thus they make an excellent fertilizer for plant's growth and flowering. 

To use it as fertilizer, simply take their waste every morning (usually rabbit eat and poop a lot during night) straight to your plants. Not only you make your plants happy but also eliminate the bad odor at the cage. Another use of rabbit manure is to make a compost pile. Making a compost pile will help conserving the environment which benefit yourself, your garden, your environment and most importantly our mother Earth.

So here the instruction to make a compost pile:

1. Dig a hole at the corner of your yard (at least 2 ft)

2. Gather all your organic kitchen scrap (vegetable peel, uneaten rice, old fruit or whatever that you throw after eating your dinner except bones) and add it into the hole.

3. Dump the rabbit's waste inside the same hole.

4. Use the pitchfork to mix the new and old scraps.

5. If it's too dry, water the compost until it's moist and mix it well to ensure all the components are breaking down.

6. You can  add your kitchen scraps and rabbit manure once in a week (by gathering them) if you're too lazy to dump it directly to the hole everyday. Always ensure the compost is moist.

7. You're ready to add the compost into your garden once it has broken in dark, rich mixture.

Happy Bunny said "my waste is useful, how about yours?"

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rabbit Coat Color

Assalamualaikum wbt

Self family: A rabbit that's one solid color all over its body
E.g: black, chocolate, blue, lilac, ruby eyed white, blue eyed white
note: REW and BEW are not true self family color
Red eyed white (REW)
Blue eyed white (BEW)


Shaded family: Has a darker color on it's nose/muzzle, ears, feet and tail.
E.g: siamese, seal, marten, chinchilla, smoke pearl
sable marten
siamese sable point
smoke pearl

Agouti family: Has bands of different color on each hair shaft.
E.g: chestnut agouti, shaded agouti, frosted pearl, lynx, opal.
chestnut agouti
frosted pearl

Tan pattern family: Has silver marking on belly, underside of the tail, marking by the nostrils,circles around the eyes.
E.g: black otter, blue otter, tortoise otter, sable point marten.
Blue otter
black otter

Harlequin: Had band of orange or white with color.
E.g: Japanese harlequin, magpie harlequin
magpie harlequin
Japanese harlequin

Other color variation:

Broken color (black)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rabbit Exhibition, Georgetown, Penang

Assalamualaikum wbt

These are rabbit's pictures taken during the exhibition in Penang. 

BEW (blue eye white) rabbit

Breed: local

Breed: checkered giant / english spot 
(i'm not sure) 

Breed: lion head

Color: chestnut

Breed: Lion head

Breed: Lop ear

Colour: Cinnamon

Breed: mix teddy bear x english angora

Breed: mix teddy bear x english angora

Breed: teddy bear

Color: harlequin

Breed: Netherland Dwarf

Color: black otter

Breed: Netherland dwarf

Color: Chestnut agouti

REW (red eye white) rabbit

Breed: Rex

Breed: teddy bear

Breed: mix Teddy bear x english angora

Color: Harlequin

P.s. Some information might be wrong because it come from in reliable resource (which is me)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chinese New Year Heritage Celebration, Penang

Assalamualaikum wbt

This celebration is a showcase for the richness of the living heritage in Penang. Actually I'm not really expected this kind of celebration because my main point was to go to rabbit's exhibition, but I'm really amazed when I found out there's a lot of event being organized there. Then I noticed that the highlighting theme of celebration is  7 different cultural aspects related to Hokkien, Canton, Teochew, Hainan, Hakka, Wushu, and also Malasysian cultures. Pretty awesome, I guess.

Although I don't understand a single word there, and what most of them were doing but I really enjoy watching all the event that they celebrate. These are some pictures taken while 'searching' for the rabbit's exhibition. They covered a wide area, so it's hard for the first timer like us to know what direction we should go. 

These are real bunny kid. 

After wandering around we finally arrived at the exhibition. 

These are guine pigs, not a rabbit!

It's time to go home and take a good rest (I'm all out of energy, can't wait to sleep)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pets in My Life

Assalamualaikum wbt

Now I'm in mood drawing animals, so no real animals in this post.

Various of chicken we've kept 
-ayam kampung
-ayam hutan
-ayam daging
-ayam katik
-ayam gajah
....and all end up being slaughtered

White duck, he likes to fly away from the cage. So this duck also end up on the plate

Since I'm a child I love keeping a pet fish
-ikan laga
-dragon fish
etc. (there's too many to list them all)

He run away from my house (don't know why)

This guy also ran away due to rainfall

Till now cat and my family can't be separated. I don't know how many generation they're in my house

Now I like rabbits.

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