Monday, December 13, 2010

Animal Pictures

Assalamualaikum wbt

No rabbit for today! In exchange I just want to share some magnificent pictures of animals in the wild. I like wildlife animals very much, and the way they live in the wild. 

This is really a great pictures of horse during sunset
Edited picture, but I still like it

Beautiful birds dancing in the wild

Handsome baboon...?

I like this beautiful sunset scene

The blue eyes are sooo beautiful:)

Wild Eagle, the symbol of  freedom

The staring eyes are cool

Look at the demon eyes of the wolf, pretty scary huh?


Anati Soki said...

handsome babun.. lalalalala

Tonio said...

Great pics!!!!
What kind of blog is this! is the most original I´ve seen so far... Rabits in almost all your entries!!!
well... I´ve seen another original too... all the posts were about manequins! I will try to find the link so you can get into it.
Im following you. Let me introduce my self, I´m tonio, I have a blog called the lovely san... the main character is san, come to meet her! hope you like her

See you



teddyuna said...

wa.. betta ni animal lover ye? suke la.. una suke kucing ngn rabbit..

Suciô Sanchez said...

Great pictures. Thank you.

MikeyB said...

the wolves were great, sick pics

Afzainizam said...

Salam Ziarah buat pembaca blog kami
adoiiii sorry banyak tertinggal entry ko ni.... bussy sejak-sejak ni....

hadoiiiii babon rupanya camtu... merah menyala muka dia niiii...

honkhonkpt said...

Nice pictures :) I love animals!

Admin said...

yg bterfly tu comel sgt2!

Seion said...

My roommate went to Africa the other year and brought back a lot of nice sunset pictures like that.

Billy said...

Beautiful pics. Thanks for posting

Unknown said...

dalam banyak2 pic, sy suka pic yang ada sunset.. i love sunset..:)

The Game Store Guy said...

The horse pictures and the wolf pictures really got me; two of my favorite animals. Beautiful pictures. Thanks.

Unknown said...

itu kah babun..
hensem la jugkkkk!!

k said...

the photos are VERy cool. I love the white owl :)

noone said...

wow these pictures are beautiful, I love animal's eyes, especially on wolves and dogs. it's so fierce

SyazwaniSakura (^_^) said...

love the blue eyes! waahhh so cool!

tigey said...

Yeah, love those blue eyes from that puppy , so fascinating

Prutha Raithatha said...

lovely freaking pictures... did u take all these pics?

follow if u like what u see?


its simple love said...

Cute cute cute!


Rawr said...

great pics

Unknown said...

yeah animal! :)

Qib said...

another animal i think very fun to explore is the lion. well, on how they live, hehe

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