Monday, November 22, 2010

Rabbit Care for All

Assalamualaikum wbt

Not all people use to keep a rabbit as a pet. Some people see a rabbit as a delicious food, a cute animal, a hard to care,  or a shy and boring creature. It's nothing wrong with that assumption, instead it's true! 

This rabbit is peeerrrrfect for the meat!

They see a rabbit as a food when someone said rabbit meat is nutritious and tasty. A breed such as Florida White can be a successful breed for meet production. Some information about rabbit meat:

1. Cholesterol level in rabbit meat is much more lower compare to turkey, chicken, beef and pork.
2. Percentage of fat in rabbit is lower compare to turkey, beef, chicken and pork.
3. Rabbit is highest in protein %.
4.Rabbit meat is all white meat.
5. Rabbit meat can cure asthma disease.

Rabbit as a cute animal? Most people keep bunny because she is cute rather than establish a long  term relationship with her.
Some people who have owned bunny said that rabbit is hard to care compare to dog and cat. This can be either true or wrong. 

True when the owner has a little information about bunny. Wrong when the owner has the passion to keep rabbits, learn about them and understand their behavior. in other word, don't ever compare bunny with a cat and dog! 

Cat and dog are predator and they're born to win your heart. It's because they need you to feed and to play with them. They have their own way to attract you and it's one of their special ability as a predator animal that make them as a good pet.

Rabbit is totally different. Rabbits are prey animals, and they've fear natural instinct that protect her in the wild.
 You must win your rabbit's heart, rather than wait your rabbit to win your heart. Once you've gain her trust and love, she will bond very strongly with you.

Rabbit is naturally shy and quiet creature. People that think bunny is such a boring animal may not know her true color. This type of people only keep a rabbit in the cage all the time, rather than let her roam freely in the house with other pet. Once taken the bunny indoor, you'll surprisingly amazed on how playful of bunny can be. Of course with step by step lesson to get the bunny familiar with your house and to teach her behave properly.

Keep a bunny in the cage everyday will make him sad. 
Take him outside!


Monster Madness said...

Oh I miss my rabbit :)

Anonymous said...

rabbit meat cure asthma thats so cool i never heard of this.

LoneIslander said...

I don't think I could ever have a rabbit as a pet, they have a tendency to try and bit me for some reason.

Usagi said...

Maybe the rabbit see you as a

Unknown said...

i don't have any pet even bunny... sad~~~

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