Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to Handle a Bunny

Assalamualaikum wbt

For bunny owners, watching a bunny can be fascinating yet observe her alone doing bunny thing  is not enough. Anyone that watch cute bunny hopping around can't resist to hold the bunny, cuddle and play with her. However, pick up a bunny can be very dangerous, not only to the owner but also the bunny herself. Bunny hate to be lift up from the ground and she can be really scared if she's not used to it. 

As always, I like to stress the difference between bunny and other pets (cat and dog). You cannot pick up your bunny by the way you always do to your cat or dog. I can tell you that cat and dog really loves being cuddle by their owner and they don't have problems at all being lift up from the ground for a long period of time. They just love it! On the other hand, bunny can be really nervous being away from a ground, even if the owner frequently do so.


Learn how to handle a bunny properly is very important for the sake of the rabbit and also for the handler's well being. Panic rabbit will kick ferociously with their hind legs and scratch with their claw, or even worse biting the owner. It will result in severe injury to the owner as well as the rabbit.

Rabbit has a lightweight skeleton and their bones are easily fractured compared to other animals. By struggle violently, the rabbit may damage its spine, resulting paralysed in the hind legs and to make things worse it may die to the heart failure. 

Steps by steps to pick her up.

1. Pet your bunny gently. Like other pets, petting a bunny can make her relax and comfortable.

2. Take your bunny into your lap slowly. If your bunny struggle, then just let her doing so. Frequently doing it will make her use to the idea. You can also lure her with a treat.

3. Hold your bunny slowly. Lift the rabbit with your hand under his chest while supporting her hind legs with the other hand. Make her facing to your body, place your hand on the rabbit's back and always remember to support her hind legs.

4. Be patient. Always remember, you must win your rabbit's heart. Don't be rush, and your rabbit will use to it as the time passed.

This is wrong!


Ct Kamila said...

the bunny looks cute..


Usagi said...

yesss...indeed very cute :)

Lemmiwinks said...

kewl, lol. Followin you

LoneIslander said...

That's one big rabbit Oo

dee jey said...

nice pics

David Davidson said...

Great blog, I'm following you now

Monster Madness said...

That bunny is really cute. Good post :)

Innovations said...


Usagi said...

she's not gonna eat you, unless you looks like a carrot

Dave said...

Betta sp,

Yes, you may use the bunny picture. Thanks for asking. We love our bunnies!

Salam lestari,

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