Thursday, November 11, 2010

Betta, Bunny and I

Assalamualaikum wbt

The more I write about bunny the more lonely I felt. Why?? Bunny is the only companion for me, the only creature that share the same personality with me. Since I got into apartment it was hard to keep a bunny here plus living with family that don't really like to watch a hairy yet fluffy + cute bunny roaming around freely in the house. Thus I asked one of my friends to keep her for a while till my house done with the renovation.

This is my first bunny, Aoi (japanese word) which means blue as she got a really beautiful blue eyes. I bought her when I still in university. Sadly I just lost her due to some kind of disease called pneumonia. She is still in my heart, no matter how cute other bunny would be, I just can forget her. R.I.P. Aoi.

If you notice why I choose my blog address and my nickname as bettasplenden or betta, then this is the main reason. Long ago I'm very crazy about this fancy fighting fish, or by scientific name called betta splenden. Since I was a child, this fish got into my attention. As the time pass, so do this fish which develop in variety of breed and colors. Then, it's still attract me to keep this fish while studying in university and I stop keeping this colorful fish after I fell in love with rabbit.

These fish really caught my eyes, I can't even study if the fish is placed on my table. By watching this fish it could get me into hours of doing nothing!

Meet my mentor, Cikgu Halijah. Although she's in the late 40's she still maintain cute. hehehe, well she was my mentor when I was in Kolej MARA Kulim, four years ago. This picture was taken during my visit after a year entering university. Nothing special ok!

Guess what is this? My picture with my siblings a long, long time ago. Nothing can match the cuteness of all five kids, especially a cute little boy in the middle (it was me!)(^_^). Ok just kidding,....... but it is the truth....super cute.......i don't lie.
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