Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cute or Not Cute?

Assalamualaikum wbt

All animals are born with cute looking and cute behavouring. The smaller means the cuter it looks like. As it grow bigger and older, it may become less cute (most people do like a cute little animal and throw it away as it become older) and may be burden the owner by its hot stuff (feces, urine).

Unfortunately, there are thousand of homeless pet being abandon by their previous owner happen everyday around the world. This abandon pet are subjected to various danger either by predator, disease or human made (vehicle, poison etc.) It is very sad to see these unlucky pet end up searching a food at garbage, fish market and food stall where some of them might end up dying at the corner of the street (mostly a little kitten that was unable to search for food).

My advise for pet owner, treat your pet fair enough whether they are cute or not. If u don't have a choice to leave them with or without a concrete reasons, find a new owner that love pet or just take your pet to the pet adoption center.Don't just throw it to the market or food stall hoping other people will feel pity and give some food to them. It is very CRUEL!

And for a new owner think to find a pet, feel free to look at the local pet adoption center before buying a new one.

For me, I just love all animals, but I prefer keeping a bunny rather than any popular pet for a few reasons. In the next post I will give a guide on how to find a good and healthy bunny before you adopt or purchase it!

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