Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Joy Owning a Pet Bunny!

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Why do SOME people love to own a bunny? From my observation, only some people love to keep bunny compare to cat and dog. Most who keep bunny confined her in a cage and release her to play or just to watch her hoppin around before take her back to the cage. This situation is totally different compare to other country (USA, UK, New Zealand, Finland etc.) where they keep bunny in their house, just like we keep cat or dog in the house.

Most people like to keep rabbits because they are really cute. But, there is something special about rabbit where most people don't even know about it.


  • Rabbit is intelligent creatures!

In a wild, rabbit has a complex social structure in their life. This behaviour also inherited by a pet rabbit where they can develop a serious relationship with human or other species of animal. Once the relationship start to develop, rabbit will show her true lovely manner other than her usual passive behavior. Watching rabbit behaviour is a joy as they has strong inquisitive behaviour, active and enjoy exploring their environment.

  • Your ideal companion!

If you give true love and care to your pet rabbit, they will do the same to you. You can earn their loves once you have established a special relationship by spending your time with them, showing that you concern with your pet bunny. However, to gain a rabbit trust is difficult task compare to other pet like dog and cat. Rabbit is prey animal, which means they are born to be chased by a predator. Fearful and nervous behavior in rabbit is common but once you assured their safety, bunny can be easy going just like other pet.

  • Rabbit can be trained.
People don’t know the fact that pet rabbit can be trained to perform variety of tricks and respond when calling their name. Rabbit also can be easily litter train compare to other pet once you know the correct step in training them. Some breed can be trained to jump or run in a competition!

  • A lot of Bunny breeds today
There are variety of breeds develop, from smallest to largest, long hair and short hair, various color and various types of coat. Plus her fluffy fur and cute face, bunny is undoubtedly attractive little creatures ever live on this planet Earth bunnydance (am I going too far?)

Start eating carrot today with your bunny. Owh....i juz forgot one interesting fact! Unlike dog and cat, we can eat bunny!bunnysuitIf you can't really keep her, then juz eat her!


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