Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Truth of Rabbit Care

Assalamualaikum wbt


Most people always think that rabbit is dirty and has a strong bad smell. 

The TRUTH is rabbits like to CLEAN themselves by licking their fur and paws, just like cat and dog. Once they're matured and being spayed or neutered, they will less likely to soil their living area. Rabbit can also be taught to use litter box. A good type of litter can prevent from bad odor without changing it for a week.

People always keep rabbit in a cage, thinking that she like to sleep all the time and don't need much more space.

The TRUTH is rabbits DON'T  like to stay all the time in their cage, they like freedom and they love to explore their surrounding. Rabbits DO like more space if they're kept in cage or hutch. They need an exercise everyday, that's important for their intestines to work well. Rabbit that lack of movement will more likely to be affected by various of diseases, just like us, human.

People always think that small rabbit like dwarf breed and young rabbit don't require much more spaces, as their body is small.

The TRUTH is small rabbits DO need more spaces because they're very active and energetic than the bigger one. You can see the joy of your rabbit running and hoping around, especially the younger one. Just like small kid that is very active and sometimes hard to control.

People always said that bunny can be left alone for a day, or a week  as long as the owner left enough food for their bunny.

The TRUTH is pet bunny need a daily monitoring from their owner. Some disease, such as diarrhea can be life threatening for bunny. Pet bunny can die quickly if no specific treatment apply to their disease. 

Besides, if you left your rabbit in your house, BEWARE that she could be a boss in the house. Just like this bunny that eat almost anything in the refrigerator while her owner left for a vacation.

Well, I just kidding....don't take it serious lol.


Seion said...

Haha, I know a few people with rabbit pets and they usually smell alright..

Come At Me Bro said...

Nice rabbits!

a.r.e.p a.h.m.a.d said...

sepupu sy br beli jenis fuzzy lop...
chomel sesangat....
smlm tgk kat video yg you post kt utube tuh...

Anonymous said...

I love rabbits. I know some of my friends have some and they let them roam all over the backyard.

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