Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bunny Interesting Facts

Assalamualaikum wbt

You watch rabbits, you touch them, you feel them, you like them. But, what do you know about rabbits?

Of course rabbit is cute, has long ear, mouth, teeth and what so ever. If these are your answers, then you only answer 1 % of the question.

Lets start to know rabbits life history

1. A male rabbit is called buck

2. A female rabbit is doe

3. A baby rabbit is kit.

4. Unlike cat, rabbit can't vomit.

5. Rabbit has over 45 breeds, the largest is Flemish Giant while the smallest is Netherland Dwarf.

6. Rabbit is crepuscular, means most active at dawn and dusk.

7. Rabbit has a blind spot right in front of their face.

8. Rabbit can see behind without rotating their head.

9. Pet rabbit can't breed with the wild rabbit.

10. A group of rabbit is called herd.

11. Mother rabbits only give milks to their babies about 5 minutes a day.

12. Rabbit's dropping can be an excellent plant fertilizer.

13. Rabbit has 28 teeth.

14. Rabbit meat contain lower fat, cholesterol and calories than chicken, pork and beef.

15. Rabbit hate being pick up or lift up from the ground.

16. Rabbit can sweats through the pads on its feet.

17. Rabbit can suffer heat stroke, if there is any excessive heat on their surrounding.

18. Young rabbit can die quickly because of diarrhea.

19. Rabbit drinks a lot! A 4 pound rabbit will drink as much water as a 20 pound dog.

20. Rabbit has gestation period around 30 days.

21. Baby rabbits are born blind and without fur.

22. Baby rabbits open their eyes around 10 days.

23. Average life span of rabbit is approximately 8-12 years.

24. A rabbit teeth never stop growing.

25. Rabbit like to chew.

26. If you see rabbit wiggling their nose fast, it shows that she is very agitated on something.

27. Rabbit likes to explore new environment.

28. Bunny can produce over 20-40 babies a year.

29. Bunnies are social, loving and interactive animals.

30. Rabbit can be litter train.

31. Bunny can be scared to death by predator.

32. Rabbit has long ear, which is very sensitive to any sound and act as a temperature regulator.

33. Bunny are not rodent, like hamster or mouse. They belong to lagomorphs order.

34. Rabbit will eat their dark droppings called cecotropes, which are good sources of nutrients.

35. Bunny can run as fast as 35 miles/hour.

36. Rabbit has a scent glands under its chin.

37. When male albino mate with female albino rabbit, they produce all albino babies. But when male/female albino rabbit mate with normal colour, they will produce various colours baby.

38. Vienna genes make rabbit's eyes become blue.

39. Rabbit has a very good memory.

40. Rabbit like to clean up their bodies, but they hate going to bath.

41. If rabbit licks you, it shows that she likes you. But, if rabbit bites you she maybe angry or want to play with you.

42. Rabbit can play tag game with you.

In conclusion, rabbits are very interesting animal!


Rafahiah Haron said...

rindunya dgn rabbit bila baca benda ni..rabbit dah bg kat org..last week beranak lg..

Usagi said...

dah bagi kat orang ke???? sayangnya.....
rabbit tue mesti rindukan tuan dia jugak.
nak obat rindu senang je, jenguk2 la blog nie slalu yea, hehehe....
boleh tgk rabbit tiap2 hari, klik sahaja.

Qib said...

hehe.. ^^
new header. biler nak update niii

Usagi said...

sy akan update anytime, so be ready pinQib!
tiap2 hari psti ada update punya

Lewis said...

i love rabbits they are so cute
Buggs Bunny ;)

Usagi said...

thanks dude, they are always cute in the eye of pet lovers

stoneycase said...

rabbits can play tag with you?! really?! that albino rabbit looks pretty awesome too.

Usagi said...

Of course, my rabbit play tag with me. She circle my feet and get under the car when i want to catch her. and she do it for several times.

If you look carefully, it's not albino. The white rabbit has a blue eyes, hence it's called blue eyed white (BEW) rabbit

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