Sunday, November 7, 2010

Guide to Choose Bunny

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Guide to buy a rabbit

1. Ensure the rabbit is at least 2 months old. Rabbits below 2 months old are more prone to disease and easy to get diarrhea as their digestive system is not well develop.

2. Do not buy it from pet shop or breeder that has unpleasant or unsanitary cage system. Although the bunny looks healthy, it may become infected with parasites and bacteria. Soon (2 weeks - 4 weeks) the effect will show up.

3. Choose an active bunny with bright eyed and alert. A rabbit with dull and listless is likely to be ill.

4. If other rabbits are kept together, ensure they are also healthy. Rabbit diseases are contagious.

5. Do not believe with some pet store or breeder that claim they have a PURE breed. Do some research to know the characteristic of the breed. Thus avoid by being cheated and paying high price to the seller.

6. Examine closely to assure the rabbit do not has any serious problem.
-ears and nose free of discharge and debris
-check out for an eye and ear mites, bald and signs of diarrhea under the tail
-feel the rabbit body, beware if it feels too thin
-the two top teeth should be overlapped the two lower teeth

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