Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rabbit Poop?

Assalamualaikum wbt

For those who own a bunny must deals with their poops everyday. A single mature rabbit can produce a lot of poops, especially the large breed, e.g. flemish giant, new zealand, checkered giant etc. They eat a lot and of course make a lot of waste. 

The best part of rabbit manure is that it's not as stinky as cat and dog's. Virtually, dry rabbit manure is odorless unless it's wet or soak by the urine. Since rabbit's diet is only on vegetation and don't eat meat, the smelly bacteria that dissolve meat is not there. Instead, rabbit waste is a good source of nutrient and phosphorus, thus they make an excellent fertilizer for plant's growth and flowering. 

To use it as fertilizer, simply take their waste every morning (usually rabbit eat and poop a lot during night) straight to your plants. Not only you make your plants happy but also eliminate the bad odor at the cage. Another use of rabbit manure is to make a compost pile. Making a compost pile will help conserving the environment which benefit yourself, your garden, your environment and most importantly our mother Earth.

So here the instruction to make a compost pile:

1. Dig a hole at the corner of your yard (at least 2 ft)

2. Gather all your organic kitchen scrap (vegetable peel, uneaten rice, old fruit or whatever that you throw after eating your dinner except bones) and add it into the hole.

3. Dump the rabbit's waste inside the same hole.

4. Use the pitchfork to mix the new and old scraps.

5. If it's too dry, water the compost until it's moist and mix it well to ensure all the components are breaking down.

6. You can  add your kitchen scraps and rabbit manure once in a week (by gathering them) if you're too lazy to dump it directly to the hole everyday. Always ensure the compost is moist.

7. You're ready to add the compost into your garden once it has broken in dark, rich mixture.

Happy Bunny said "my waste is useful, how about yours?"


shishimaru said...

I don't think my waste is usefull happy bunny... I dont think we should go there either...

That aside, this alone is the only deterrent to having a bunny for me. Theyre so adorable but good god can they poop up a storm~! I mean, if you have the outdoors space for one sure, who cares~! Poops help the plants and such. But indoors? It seems impossible. And sadly I know people who keep em indoors and when they let the bunny loose to excercise, its bunny poop central...

Sam said...

I like what you did with the blog's theme, looks very nice

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

I sling my waste through the bars of my cage at passing tourists.

G said...

Cool theme - is it one of the standard ones or did you customise it yourself?

Hazim Musa said...

Geologically said, you are making a loam soil... wait for another 1 million years...u'll get a petroleum trap in ur backyard (if in a good certain condition)~

MixedNuts said...

That's good information there.
Did you make a post about how much food a rabbit eats and what kind of vegetables they like?

Telia Tuli said...

I bet their poops are cute too!

Usagi said...

shishimaru- well just teach the rabbit to use litter box, rabbit also can be train to use litter box just like cat. only 2 important things you need when train them- time and patient

Usagi said...

smile and G- glad you notice, since a month i change it and you guys just discover now. congratulation!

Usagi said...

Sucio- that's disgusting....yeakkksss

Usagi said...

Hazim- great, i just have to wait 1 million years to get my own petrol!

Usagi said...

mixed nuts- owh, i did. look at the post rabbit's food pyramid at the side of my blog

Usagi said...

telia tuli-you bet it right!

Afzainizam said...

,=====,o00o Ponn..Ponn.Ponn..
Salam Persahabatan kami datang ziarah blog anda
"Tiadalah (haiwan) yang melata di bumi dan tiada pula burung yang terbang dengan dua sayapnya melainkan semuanya itu umat seumpama kamu juga" Surah Al-An'aam 38

epulafea said...

"Happy Bunny said "my waste is useful, how about yours?""


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