Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rabbit Exhibition, Georgetown, Penang

Assalamualaikum wbt

These are rabbit's pictures taken during the exhibition in Penang. 

BEW (blue eye white) rabbit

Breed: local

Breed: checkered giant / english spot 
(i'm not sure) 

Breed: lion head

Color: chestnut

Breed: Lion head

Breed: Lop ear

Colour: Cinnamon

Breed: mix teddy bear x english angora

Breed: mix teddy bear x english angora

Breed: teddy bear

Color: harlequin

Breed: Netherland Dwarf

Color: black otter

Breed: Netherland dwarf

Color: Chestnut agouti

REW (red eye white) rabbit

Breed: Rex

Breed: teddy bear

Breed: mix Teddy bear x english angora

Color: Harlequin

P.s. Some information might be wrong because it come from in reliable resource (which is me)


Unknown said...

so cute :D i prefer all of em!!!!

Shutterbug said...

You sure do like bunnies! :)

G said...

so cute - I miss keeping rabbits

Unknown said...

arnab berbulu..hehehe

semua comel..

Anonymous said...

They are all nice bunnies

HUD AIKARA said...

yg mata merah tu macam arwah rabbit saya si Tommy..rindu lak kat dia...

Afzainizam said...

Salam Maulidur Rasul..

uhhhhhh kalau dekat aku sdah pergi tengokkkk ... sebenarnya aku suka tengok lebih dekat arnab atau binatang lain2 yang masuk bertanding.... pastinyerrrr meriah

Telia Tuli said...

some of these are huge.
i wonder how much they feed em and what they feed them?

Kak Amy said...


Kak Amy said...

love it comel2...

Afzainizam said...

,=====,o00o Ponn..Ponn.Ponn..
Salam Persahabatan kami datang ziarah blog anda

uihhhhh baka anggora ni.... pernah nampakkk tapi yang ni lagi cun.... kalau Rex ni pun sama kira baka import ni....

Benny Lava said...

cute rabbits =)

jonwinters said...

i usually think dwarfs are the cutest, but the lop ear and teddy x agora are even cuter!

Nadirah said...

Hello, can somebody tell me where can i get a rabbit in Penang?How much ya?Ouh and if somebody can coach me on how to take care of a rabbit. like their food, their shelter, their waste, and their immunization and all. Please please please email me ya

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