Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rabbit Coat Color

Assalamualaikum wbt

Self family: A rabbit that's one solid color all over its body
E.g: black, chocolate, blue, lilac, ruby eyed white, blue eyed white
note: REW and BEW are not true self family color
Red eyed white (REW)
Blue eyed white (BEW)


Shaded family: Has a darker color on it's nose/muzzle, ears, feet and tail.
E.g: siamese, seal, marten, chinchilla, smoke pearl
sable marten
siamese sable point
smoke pearl

Agouti family: Has bands of different color on each hair shaft.
E.g: chestnut agouti, shaded agouti, frosted pearl, lynx, opal.
chestnut agouti
frosted pearl

Tan pattern family: Has silver marking on belly, underside of the tail, marking by the nostrils,circles around the eyes.
E.g: black otter, blue otter, tortoise otter, sable point marten.
Blue otter
black otter

Harlequin: Had band of orange or white with color.
E.g: Japanese harlequin, magpie harlequin
magpie harlequin
Japanese harlequin

Other color variation:

Broken color (black)


SuciƓ Sanchez said...

Some sexy bunnies there.

G said...

reminds me of a 'Chaz and Dave' song

Les said...

Rabbits have quite the full spectrum of coat colour

Unknown said...

magpie harlequin cam biri2
tan cam kambing

frosted pearl cam hamster

chestnut agouti cam singa

siamese sable point cam anjing

sable marten cam pelik!!!

ehhee sori memandai je...

diaorg sgt unik....:)

LigerLily said...

I love rabbits! i'll enjoy following your blog, here is mine that has some poetry:

Anonymous said...

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