Friday, October 15, 2010

You're never Alone!

Assalamualaikum wbt

At last, i got this new handsome buck.

well i was told that he was the same breed as my doe, but it looks a little different.

she should be happy by now, after being alone for.........5 months.

So this female rabbit will never be alone.

Good luck to both of u.


Rafahiah Haron said...

wahhhhh...comelnya yang putih tu! beli berapa ni?

a.r.e.p a.h.m.a.d said...

akhirnyer jumpa gak pasangan utk die...
da lme da tggu....
tahniah....mest die gembira pasni ade teman mkn & tidur...

Usagi said...

yah---memang comey yah, harga dia pon comey jugak. xmacam kat sana.....arnab yg comey2 kt cini mahal2

arep--lama penantian dia, harap2 la dia suka. kalo xsuka kena cari yg baru ler....hehehe

Anonymous said...

salam.. aiyoo..u buy new rabbit ka?

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