Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let it out!

Assalamualaikum wbt

Pulau perhentian, where we first doing discovery scuba during part 4. Hmmm...i miss the beach and white sand. I know that moment wouldn't last long, only the experience and memory that make me remember the existence of such beautiful beach.

Blue sea open widely, as wide as naked eye can see. U can sit here all day long to watch this beautiful beach and I can guarantee that u'll never get tired.

Sabahan guy doing fishing, this picture was taken at Muka Head, Pulau Pinang. Rocky shore like this is the habitat for grouper fish aka kerapu.

To get here, we must cross the jungle for a few miles. Not many people fishing here, and if u're lucky enough u'll get a lot of fish like we did. But it all depend on what type of bait u used.

See...? I told u there are many groupers here. Still there are many of them hiding beneath the rocks.

A loner in a lonely world. There will be handsome buck coming soon, so be patient...ok!

Ame ga furuimashita. Rain fall at Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim, Sg petani.

It was rain again....rain and rain. Very cold here.

My apartment at night.....beautiful right? My current house is being renovate, so we live in this apartment until the house is completely rebuild.

Akatsuki no kuruma. The vessel of the dawn. This picture was taken during food practical training at IPM Chendering, Terengganu. It was nothing here, only a couple of vessel passing by.

Watch out, u're trap in Itachi's sharingan. Feel the world of illusion.

Ever seen of this picture? The black flame of Amaterasu!!!


Sorry if u don't understand it, only Naruto's fan know bout it...hahaha.:icondignitylaughplz:

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