Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Like to Laugh!

Not long ago my three-year-old son, Christopher, and I were on a flight. As he passed through security, the metal button on his pants set off the alarm. 

I explained that he had to let the guard check him with the wand. 

The guard was holding his arms wide to demonstrate to Chris how he needed to stand when my affectionate son ran into them and gave the guard a big hug.

~Deanna Lowe

My handsome 17-year-old son was in the car with me when he exclaimed, "Oh, no! There she is." 

"Who?" I asked. 

"This girl in my school," he replied. "She always wants to hug and touch me. It's creepy."

"It sure is," his eight-year-old sister piped up from the back seat. "Who would want to touch you?"

~ Shelley Sawatzky

While my husband and I were busy choosing an air-conditioner to buy in the store, our six-year-old son was wandering around when he spotted a very inviting spa bed.

We overheard the saleslady say to him, "Do you know what's written there? It says 'Thank you for not sitting". 

He answered innocently, "Yes, I know. That's why I am lying down."

~Janelene Batilaran

As a diehard Maple Leafs fan, my eight-year-old son, Alex, jumped at the opportunity to meet legendary Toronto goalie Johnny Bower. 

Just before we were to head out, Alex's mother reminded him to take his wallet, since there's often a charge for autographs.

When we arrived at the event, we approached Bower. He offered his hand to Alex and said, "Hello, young fellow, give me five."

So Alex promptly hauled out his Maple Leafs wallet and took out a $5 bill. 

~ Robert Pineo

Filicia, my sleepy five-year-old niece, slipped into my bed just as my husband was heading downstairs to prepare breakfast. 

“Why do you hate eggs, Auntie?” she asked me.

“Who said I hate eggs?” I replied.

“But,” she said, “I just heard you ask Uncle Anthony to break a few eggs and beat them up for you!”  

~Michelle Ramjewan

Sitting in a packed cinema, two ladies in front of me were talking loudly, preventing me from hearing the soundtrack properly. 

Tapping one lady on the shoulder, I said, ''Excuse me, I can't hear!'' 

Her reply was, “I should think not. This is a private conversation.''

~ David Carver


LoneIslander said...

Much lulz

LoneIslander said...
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Zombie said...

That first rabbit actually looks kinda creepy!! lol.

The Messy Apron said...

lol nice

tigey said...

we all like to laugh !

HUD AIKARA said...

hahaha..seronok nengok gambar arnab yg last tu..

frens said...

hahaha..aku pon suka gelak gak...muahahaha...gelak adalah salah satu cara nk lupakan problem..hahaha

Anonymous said...

Haha, those were pretty good.

Afzainizam said...

,=====,o00o Ponn..Ponn.Ponn..
" Antara kau dan aku
Blog ini sebagai pengantara”

Maaf lama tak ziarah kamu semua….
Jom Terjah entry terbaru ??
diy spray bumper dan grip handle pintu

uihhhhh arnab putih memang sinonim.... mmg comel....

tengok gambar arnab ni telatah dia mencuit hati....

fathin said...

gambar rabbit yang last sekali tu sgt cute....if only the real rabbit could act like that..:)

Fizah Ibrahim said...

LOL ! Hahaha

Pinecone Stew said...

Have a SUPER weekend !

Unknown said...


Kristof Unpronounceable said...

That's hilarious man, made my morning.

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