Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rabbit 101: Angora

Assalamualaikum wbt

There're several stories regarding the origin of Angora rabbit. One of the accepted theory said that the origin of Angora was date back to the early 18th century, approximately in 1723. A sight seeing sailors from France who pulled into Turkish port called Angora (now Ankara) saw a native women wearing really beautiful shawls  that they never seen before.  

The fitness and silkiness are surpassed the shawls in their country of France. So they ask about the shawls and to their surprised it was made from Angora wool. So the sailors take some of the rabbit back to France. Later, other country also start to develop Angora rabbit which was specifically breed for their fine and excellent wool. 

Angora rabbit needs special attention compare to other breeds. Believe it or not, its long hair is the real enemy    face by the rabbit and its owner. If left ungroomed, the rabbit will attempt to groom itself. Too much grooming will cause a wool block, where the rabbit's digestive system will be greatly impeded by the rabbit's hair.

Rabbit can die from serious wool block. Cat and dog can vomit when they have hair ball, but unfortunately rabbit can't. 

How to overcome hair balls?
Prevention is better than cure. Several precautions should be taken in mind when keeping this breed:
1. Regular grooming
2. Provide a proper diet (feed them hay, various fruits and veggies)
3. Give them pineapple juice and papaya treats (contain enzyme that can prevent wool block)
4. Cut their long hair properly

Fur Mites
Chances for Angora to has fur mites is quite high. If the rabbit's skin turn red, irritated and constantly scratching, or you notice a bad case of dandruff, then fur mites may be the major cause. Once you notice this problems, it's best to consult professional breeders for advice and treatment. Otherwise, you may also take your rabbit to the vet before the disease become awfully worse.

Don't prison your rabbit in the cage all the time. They need regular exercise (just like us so we don't end being unhealthy) which also can help to prevent wool block. If you don't have a good time monitoring them playing outdoor, allow your rabbit running in a fenced area, pen. The bigger the better.

For those who keep this prey animal as a pet, they should really concern about the predators as well. No matter where you live, town or rural areas, predators will be your major problems. Dogs are the most common problems and potential killer. Even when you keep your rabbit in the cage, there's no guarantee for your rabbit safety. You must put your rabbit in a very safe place (inside your house) or a place where predators cannot reach them. 

Dogs can be surprisingly determined to get access to rabbit. There's always a report about dog attack; cages ripped apart, head lost, rabbit still alive with part of their body was eaten, skin ripped off rabbits etc. Thus, don't be such a naive about the possibility of dog attacks or else you'll be regret.

English Angora

French Angora

Giant Angora

Satin Angora


Jomak412 said...

cute bunnies

Unknown said...

is it bad to own these angoras so i could have their beautiful furry shawls afterward. i mean when they get old, or when their meats ended on plates. is it bad?

Usagi said...

epulafea-it's not really that bad, just cut off the rabbit's wool and soon the fur will grow back.
xpayah semelih pon x apa:)

DerpFiles said...

My sister had a rabbit that was killed by dogs. They got into the cage and it was bad news. Definitely don't underestimate canines. :/

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is it bad to own these angoras so i could have their beautiful furry shawls afterward. i mean when they get old, or when their meats ended on plates. is it bad?
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