Friday, January 21, 2011

Neutering and Spaying a Rabbit

Assalamalaikum wbt

It's always been a debate whether to neuter/spay a rabbit or not. Many people said that they won't do this 'cruel' things to their rabbit as it will prevent the natural instinct to breed and reproduce. Cost and lack of knowledge are another limiting factors for most people.

So why spaying/neutering?

1. Medical reasons
- unspayed female rabbits are prone to uterus cancer as high as 80% after age 5 years. So by spaying the rabbits, they will live longer and healthier.

2. Behavior
- both male and female rabbits will spray urine to mark their territory. They're also aggressive towards each other or to other pets when they've reached their sexual maturity. Having your rabbits alter will make cut off the aggressive behavior.

3. Litter box training
-become much more easier

4. Avoid unplanned litter 

-if you keep one pair rabbits together, they will breed and end up with a litter. Ok maybe for the first time you're excited with the cute little baby. But how long you can withstand if the rabbit giving a birth every 3 months? Soon your house is full with rabbit and also its waste


SuciƓ Sanchez said...

Can you do it yourself?

erics said...

listen to the cries of the rabbits. do not want!

MikeyB said...

people do that??? to rabbits? never knew

Anati Soki said...

giving birth every 3month? ehehhe.. sell the cute lil baby rabbit la.. heheheh :)

Unknown said...

kalo arnab 2 makin banyak..bleh jual ni...buat business

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog, keep it up!

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Afzainizam said...

,=====,o00o Ponn..Ponn.Ponn..
Salam ... Kami Datang Ziarah Blog anda

eeeemmm banyak fakta tentang rabbit kat siniiiii....

banyak aku belajarrrr.... banyak yang aku tak tahu punnnnn....

thanks inforrrr ni... sukaaaa sgtttt

jonwinters said...

it's a necessary evil if you have two or more bunnies with different genders, i'm afraid. unless you're a breeder of a specific kind of rabbit and can sell them for a profit, it's unavoidable.

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