Saturday, January 29, 2011

Life of Rabbits (that you don't know)

Assalamualaikum wbt

Make up before going out for a date

Wearing a cute dress to impress human

Be a santa claus during christmas

Acting cute in front of camera

Reading a book during leisure time 

Plait a hair before going to bed

Working to support their family

Playing piano as part of their hobbies (not all rabbits like this)

But most of the time they don't like to show off. That's why you see rabbits always like to 



shishimaru said...

Awww so cute~! The sleepy bunny takes it for me. Also tho, I dont think I had ever seen anyone dress bunnies before, the most I had ever seen a bunny wear was a pancake on its head!

Arcita said...

lol at this. people actually dress rabbits up?


Use.. said...

vote for the last picture.. lol

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

I like my rabbit prepared... in a paella.

Mr. Swift said...

"Acting cute in front of camera"

Damn aku suka gila ah pic tu! :D

MixedNuts said...

Cool pictures, I like the piano one the most.

watchman said...

lol @ fourth picture

Les said...

Those piano playing rabbits make some good tunes.

Unknown said...

hehe...klakr lak arnab tdo cam 2..

Le' Juliet said...

comel gilaaa lahh :D

Unknown said...


jonwinters said...

soo adorable

hud aikara said...

alaa comelnyer..cute sangattt!

Unknown said...

bunny's are just too cute lol :D
following :)

Anati Soki said...

heheh.. rebit suke tido.. hehehehe

FrankSharp said...

They all look so cute! Loving rabbits more.

Facts About Rabbits

Unknown said...

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