Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Interview going wrong!

Assalamualaikum wbt

I am very well prepared for the interview today

Start from last week, I had survey the most common question interviewer will ask, write it out and practice several time. Find out any possible answer for any question they might ask. Cut out my long hair (ohhh....I still miss my long hair) :iconruncryplz: wash my black shoes (almost four months I didn't use it) and write out my resume.

Today I'm well prepared for the interview.

As I walk in, the worker said that it's still not 9 o'clock (time for interview) so I wait calmly. Waiting make me felt a little bit nervous, anyway it's my first interview.

The time has come and I'm face to face with interviewers. After I show them my certificate, one of the interviewer said

"I think you are not qualified for this job"

"Why not?" , they haven't ask me any question yet they tell me that I'm not qualified

"You are overqualified. You have degree and your result is good enough to get other job. Most candidate is from diploma or SPM holder. I don't think that you can stay with us if you get better offer."

"Do you mean I cannot get this job?" I just testing them although I know the answer.

" No, I didn't said that. But from my experience I can tell that u will not survive in this company for a long time. I had work almost for 14 years and I meet with various kind of people. So my experience teach me what type of people suit best for this position."

I think and kept silent because my real intention was only to get job experience, not for a permanent position. At last I just tell them to proceed with my resume. They will sent it to central office which will determine whether I get the job or not.

I just really cannot lie to them that I want to get work experience, and then walk out after three months. But I just keep it silent, and my heart said that I should not accept the job if I get it.

And what does it means????
It means that I'm still stuck at my house~~~ :iconimdeadplz:~~~~

BOSAN lorrrr

and become like this


I saw these cow-protest on the way back to my house, and they are reaaaally serious about this issue "NO MORE COW MEAT".

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