Thursday, August 26, 2010

Monolog Dalaman

I'm bored, everyday my owner never lemme out. He juz came, gimme food,comb my hair and change the water.

I dun have any frenz, nor any handsome guy (rabbit) to accompany me. Sometime only the cat keep entertained me, but now she also bz with her kids (kittens).

I hate it to be alone, i hate u mr owner cz dun gimme my right as a rabbit..huu...huu....and now it is very noise around here cz d house is being renovate.



dun know how to tell the poor rabbit

:iconorzplz: .....

I'M SOOOOOOOOOO SORRY my rabbit. Sorry100x.......:iconawwwplz:

Sy sebenarnya xdpt nk bg rabbit kluar cz umah kita kan penuh ngan besi, bahaya org duk renovate umah nie wat keje. Nie utk kebaikan rabbit jugak.....i care about u.

Hmmmmm....pasal nak jantan sekor lagi tue kena pikir2 dulu.......xdak doit la nak bli sekor lagi,mak pon xsuka bli rabbit lain, kang bertambah zuriat kat umah nie. Anak kocing dah ada, nnt tambah anak rabbit pulak.

Dun hate me rabbit chan, i know ur right as a rabbit, but gimme time to find other safe+good house for u. i'll try to find people who are willing to adopt u for a few month.

Hope u understand rabbit chan....


Penat explain kat rabbit sekor nie, ntah paham ke x.
(padahal explain kat diri sendiri

p.s: People who say u can't do it actually means they cannot do it, not u. Juz believe in urself, struggle to be the best and never ever care what people say.


Izzati Ishak said...

alaaa...sabar la kejap ye bunny...
kalau keluar merayau-rayau, kang buruk rambut kamu...

kamu nak cantik tak? nak cantik, duduk dalam sangkar diam-diam...heee... :)

a.r.e.p a.h.m.a.d said...

memg die xde kawan lain kew????
sian gak tgk muka die...
memg mcm meluahkan perasaan....hhuhu~~~

Usagi said...

Tweety-bunny memang cantik, tapi bunny kesunyian.

arep-kawan dia skang nie hanyalah sekor kucing, n anak2 dia yg baru lahir.

thanks 4 da support, i'll find another hensem bunny to accompany her....(tunggu ada doit dulu...hee2)

a.r.e.p a.h.m.a.d said...

oh anak kucing kew????upload r gamba diowg...mesti comel....

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